Saturday, March 24, 2012


When Pedestretarian contributor Tara Atkinson told me she had seen two different types of pie on the sidewalk outside the Broadway QFC, I expected to find two whole smashed pies, or at least two semi-intact pieces of pie, and instead found what appeared to be just a pile of cherry filling and a pile of apple. The fillings looked like they had hit the ground with some force, and there was no trace of crust in the vicinity. When I pulled over on my bike to take a picture, a couple of panhandlers sitting on the curb told me I was one of many who had stopped for a closer look at the pastry wreckage. One of them said, “Kind of makes you want to eat off the ground, doesn’t it?” “Kind of does,” I replied, though in fact it was the most repulsive discarded non-meat item I have seen that was not partially digested. The characteristic QFC pie goo had dried just enough to remind me of dogs that sleep with their eyes open. It looked as if someone had sucked the crust off the fruit and spit it back out. I couldn’t even bring myself to smell it, though it likely smelled better than it looked. As I normally do not hesitate to eat off the ground, I’m not sure why I told someone I wanted to eat this notably unappealing pie filling.

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