Friday, December 21, 2012


Pedestretarian contributor Bree Mckenna found this zucchini leaning against a telephone pole on Olive and Howell. Bree said she found the zucchini unadorned and “garnished it” with a hat. I wondered why she was carrying a tiny sombrero that day, though I can’t think of anyone more likely to have miniature articles of clothing on their person. When we lived together, we discussed constructing a popsicle stick house to store our bottles of vitamins in. Once we planned to meet for a drink at 8:30. 9:00 arrived and we had the following exchange of text messages:
Me:  “Hey, on your way?”
Bree: “EL gay cactus.”
Me: “Are you still coming?”
Bree: “New shoes, the lucky lass!”
I later found out she had been at a bar across the street.
Anyway, the reason she had a zucchini-sized hat in her purse was because she was on her way home to dress up a cat. She also had a cat poncho, which she reports does not look good on a zucchini. When asked if she had any thoughts about the zucchini, she said, “He looked hot, but cool.”

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