Friday, September 20, 2013


The Bumbershoot VIP Hospitality Lounge has many things—spaghetti in paper boxes, salad with many blueberries and one fig, Pop Chips, damp granola, Pop Chips. Drinks are a dollar off, and perhaps this is why Pedestretarian contributor Sierra Nelson and I found so very many of them abandoned on the balcony overlooking the “Tune In” stage, where Gary Numan was playing. I was very drunk; I think Sierra was only slightly drunk. We decided to sample this mysterious bounty. None of the drinks were missing more than a sip. They were in plastic cups covered in condensation, and were pale in a way that suggested they had once contained ice. We each tried a pink thing with a lime floating in it, then spent what was probably a long time figuring out what it was. Because of the music (which sounded fantastic, even from the height of the balcony) the conversation was mostly shouts of “It’s citrusy!” and “Do limes carry Hepatitis?” It was Sierra who identified the drink as some variety of gin and juice, causing me to call her a “palate sleuth.” I drank a small amount of a cocktail that looked like a Coke-based something, but was actually not carbonated and very sour. I spit it out and yelled “I’m drinking tobacco juice!” and then “I love this song!” because I was actually watching Gary Numan play “Down In the Park” and that is awesome.

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