Monday, June 18, 2012


Pedestretarian contributor Timothy Rysdyke documented the three stages of his encounter with a to-go box of refried beans —the discovery of the box, the opening of the box, and the examination of the beans. The beans were in a parking space, suggesting either that someone drove off and forgot them, or a nearby restaurant has a compost valet service. He did not taste them and didn’t mention any noticeable smell. There was no sign of the beans’ former owner, but Rysdyke believes “It must have been someone really hungry, because who saves a big thing of refried beans like that?” To me the presence of only beans in the box implies there is another box containing a half-eaten burrito or enchilada without a side dish somewhere. Because this saddens me, I prefer to imagine they were left in a bean-phobic person’s private parking space as a prank.

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